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When MMA gets sexy

[videoplayer/] So you figure mixed martial arts can only be about violence, and it is, but then starts teaching the techniques and all ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 12:26pm

If she is not worthy when viewed naturally, yet desired with a facade, you're vain

This woman has a horrid face caused by skin irritation, so a makeup specialist changed her into a movie star beauty. While it's all great to see the ...
Wednesday, December 27 2017 8:00pm

Underwear is no longer private wear

The plain old brief is no longer a thing. Ever since the boxer brief was designed, men have felt comfortable walking around in just their boxers, ...
Friday, December 29 2017 11:49am

Roger Troutman popularized the "talkbox" in music

Though Roger "Zapp" Troutman didn't invent the vocoder in music, he certainly made it exciting and popular, so much that today's artists don't need ...
Wednesday, March 11 2020 6:32pm

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