This is the person who would love to watch human children suffer

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When you spend lots of time at social media, you get to realize that there are many people who are filled with hate for humans but will give all they have to useless animals. Some have stated clearly that they wish all humans would die (except themself because they believe they are mother nature's gift to animals). This man is one of those types.

He spends millions to 'save' animals while feeding them other animals (ain't that some bullshit), and yet would NEVER give a hand to a dying child in the poor neighbor hoods of Africa, which his kind has suppressed for hundreds of years. He probably owns a diamond mine where he forces children to work in horrid conditions, and watch them die from heat stroke and hunger. This is really what EVIL is!

The Author publishes OPED columns at various global media houses, and is renowned for numerous books
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