The neo-nazis are targeting law enforcement and military jobs to exact violence

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More people in America have been killed by police and home grown KKK terrorists than the combined external terror attacks since 2,000, including 9/11.

The hate groups have targeted law enforcement jobs to be legally armed, with plans to "legally" attack non-white neighborhoods and kill at will. The problem is, the law establishments are active seeking and recruiting known members of white terror groups.

The number of far-right extremist groups prone to violence is increasing in the U.S. It's a threat the government was warned about a decade ago. But what's fueling the rise of hate, and what's the nation doing to combat it?

Clearly the far right media and politicians, including the president, are the source of the KKK inspired rise and with the Trump support, they have all removed their masks and stand proud and brazen with their hate for other humans. The only action non-whites can do is start arming themselves legally and otherwise, and be prepared for a national battle, which now seems inevitable.

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