It turns out the 'nigerian prince' is no prince or Nigerian

So all those emails you got that required your name, address and social number to get half of an exiled 'nigerian prince's' multi-million wealth, were not coming from Nigeria at all. A 67 year old white dude named Michael Neu of Slidell, Lousiana was arrested on wire fraud and money laundering charges in connection with a 'Nigerian prince' scam.

Beware of scam 'home based job' opportunities that pay a lot to do nothing

It's difficult to imagine that anyone since 2001 still fall for this simple scam, and seemingly only old white folks. In the scam, an email arrives from someone claiming to be or represent a Nigerian prince who says the recipient is the beneficiary of a large sum of money - often millions of dollars -- but must first send personal financial information such a bank account number to speed the process. People who fall for this stupid scam are simply greedy and deserve to be screwed.

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